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Element 2: Theme & Content

Element 3: Logistics

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Element 2: Theme & Content

Health Fair Themes

Theme Development

In developing a theme for the health fair, review the goals and look at the overall corporate philosophy. If the company is fun oriented and competitive in nature, the theme would be different from that of a company that is conservative and formal.


Use your imagination when developing a theme. It helps to brainstorm with some creative people—it's amazing what great ideas you will come up with. Try tying the theme into the company's product or service. Tie your theme into your colors, decorations, materials, displays, and prizes. A good theme will make your event even more fun and memorable. Get your creative juices flowing and you will come up with a great theme!


Sample Health Fair Themes
  • "A Family Af-Fair" - Theme for a family-oriented health fair
  • "Good Health Makes Sense" - Theme for a bank using "cents" as tokens for attending each booth
  • "Tune In for Heath" - Theme for a music studio El "Channel the Wellness in You" - Theme for a television station
  • "Get on the Right Track" - Theme for a railroad company
  • "HealthyTreasure Hunt" or a "Trip Around the World"

Your theme may be based on other events whether seasonal or national health observances. If your health fair is in February, you might consider a Valentine's heart theme, especially because it is also National Heart Month. Other themes might be based on the time of year such as "Healthy Wintertime Fun," "Spring into Health," or "Fall into Fitness."

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